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BR Seniors Top-Picked Colleges

By: Grace Graf/Senior Writer

Picking a college is a huge deal and lots of factors go into picking the best college for you. Three popular choices for BR class of 2023 are Miseracordia University, Kutztown University, and Susquahanna University.

Kutztown University is Emily Marvin’s top choice because she “really liked the campus and they have a good undecided counselor.”

Kutztown University is also Duncan Geyer’s top choice.

This is his top choice because he “liked the atmosphere compared to other schools.”

For more information regarding Kutztown University visit

From Kutztown University website

Another popular college for seniors at BR is Susquahanna University.

Stephanie Smith says she likes this college because, “the classes are small and you get to study abroad for free.”

Tiffani Henke says this is her top choice because she, “loves the student to teacher ratio and how easy it will be able to network and interact with the staff.”

For more information regarding Susquahanna University visit

From Susquahanna University website

Misericordia is also a popular choice among BR seniors.

Ryan Stallings says he chose Misericordia as his top pick because, “the environment at the college was very welcoming and the buildings and architecture were nice as well.”

This writer’s top pick is Misericordia because it has a good Healthcare Administration program and it has a nice atmosphere. The classes and the school itself are the perfect size.

For more information about Misericordia University visit

From Misericordia website


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Grace Graf
Grace Graf
Grace always loved to write which is what led her to taking journalism. She works very hard in school and is always studying. Outside of school Grace loves to spend her time outdoors and with friends and family. During the summer you will find Grace on her horse either on a trail ride or at a horse show.
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