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BR Seniors Choose College Majors

By: Foxlynn King/ Senior Writer

As the school year comes to a quick end seniors are faced with many hard decisions. Although applying for financial aid, choosing a college, developing college financing, and in-school budgets are some necessary steps. Arguably, the most important factor is choosing your major.

Blue Ridge High school seniors were surveyed on how they chose their major and what influenced them.


Hannah Snedaker became interested in psychology due to Mr.Less’s class junior year with this degree she hopes to attend Binghamton University to become a thearapist.

Business Marketing 

Hanna McCarthy became interested in Business due to her mother and the fact that she likes “business stuff.” Being an active member in FBLA has also given her the confidence to continue into college with this major and in the future she hopes to start a career in sales or business. Although she has many options, Temple University is her top choice.

Healthcare Administration 

Grace Graf became interested in business administration. She always wanted to work in healthcare but she is not good with blood and things involved with being a nurse or doctor, So this was her next best choice.



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Foxlynn King
Foxlynn King
Foxlynn King is currently a senior at Blue Ridge school district. She is the president of SADD and the parliamentarian of FBLA as well as a member of geocashe, National honors society, Leo Club and science club. She enjoys hanging out with friends and traveling. She will be attending Bloomsburg in the fall to obtain a Bachelors of science in nursing. She was also selected for All region and first team all-stars for volleyball and actively participates in tournaments.
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