Book Review: A Killer’s Mind

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By: Allyssa Johnson/Co-Editor in Chief

A Killer’s Mind tells the story of Zoe Bentley, and her journey to solve a high profile serial killer case.

When women’s dead bodies start popping up around Chicago, the FBI and local police start working together to put an end to more murders. Zoe Bentley steps up to the plate to figure out just who the killer is. As a psychological profiler, who has experience with solving serial killer cases, she’s perfect for the job. She teams up with fellow officer Tatum Gray. Gray is on thin ice with their boss, and is hoping that this case will help him rise back up in the FBI. The two form an unlikely bond, and work endlessly to put an end to the murders. Things take a turn when Zoe’s past comes back to haunt her. The letters and grey ties keep appearing leading her to believe her past and the present are linked. Gray realizes that she isn’t thinking clearly and tries to get back on track. When they put their minds to it they notice little details, such as the killer is embalming the bodies, they all fit a certain persona, and the person is closer than they think. Will they figure out the case? Or will their pasts ruin everything?’

I would rate this 4 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery. Mike Omer gives you a two in one with this thriller. Zoe’s past and present serve as two separate mysteries that meet up. Just when you think that you know who the killer is, a plot twist will have you second guessing. The only flaw is that it can be drawn out and leave you uninterested, but in the end it manages to pull you back in. Be sure to look for the rest of the series in the future. 



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Kimberly Davenport
Kimberly Davenport
Kimberly Davenport grew up in Montrose, Pennsylvania. She currently teaches English and digital journalism at Blue Ridge High School, and is the adviser for the school's online newspaper, the Raider Reader. Kimberly loves traveling, spending time with her family (especially her grandchildren), and can often be found reading a good book.
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