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Blue Ridge Veterans’ Quotes

By: Elizabeth Smith/Sophomore Writer

Did you know there are teachers here at Blue Ridge that have served for our country? Blue Ridge staff members that have served include Mr. Ron Cranage, maintenance department, Mr. Fred Fenton, information technology, Mr. Paul Sokoloski, math department, Mr. Michael Stewart, information technology, and Mrs. Beth Vaccaro, science department. Currently serving and away from school, Mr. Joseph Page, STEM.

Each was asked, “Why is Veterans Day important to you?” This is how they answered:

Mrs. Beth Vaccaro

Mrs. Beth Vacarro was in the U.S. Navy for nine years and said: “It lets me talk about how I loved being able to serve my country.”


Mr. Sokoloski
Mr. Sokoloski

Mr. Paul Sokoloski was in the U.S. Army as an Ordinance Officer. He said: “It’s nice to be thought of for making sacrifices that veterans make and to be appreciated for that.”

Mr. Michael Stewart

Mr. Michael Stewart was in the Air Force and said, “Veterans Day is important to me–and it’s an opportunity to remember those who have been wounded and continue to have problems because of those wounds.”

Mr. Ron Cranage

Mr. Ron Cranage was a U.S. Army Officer Unit Commander for 23 1/2 years, and said, “It recognizes men and women who serve honorably, forever.”

Mr. Fred Fenton

Mr. Fenton said, “It is an important day to me because it gives respect to those who have served, and those who now serve, so that our country can continue to enjoy the freedoms former veterans fought for.”


Joseph Page

Mr. Joseph Page, STEM teacher is currently on active duty for the National Guard.


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Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Liz Smith is a sophomore who hopes to study criminal justice after highschool. Liz loves animals, especially horses and donkeys. In her free time, Liz can be found caring for animals on a friends farm, horseback-riding or in the barn. Liz also volunteers for AWANA on Friday nights.
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