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Blue Ridge takes on the National Anthem

By: Kaelin Hughes/Junior Writer

On Thursday, October 10th, the high school choir shined as they performed the national anthem at a Binghamton Devils hockey game. At the beginning of this year, Ms. Zakarauskas approached the chorus students with the idea of singing at a game, and naturally, they were quick to jump on board with it.

Students went to the Oakdale Mall to eat dinner before arriving to the arena for the game. After performing, the students stayed and watched the game, and luckily, the Devils won.

When being asked about the chorus’ performance, Ms. Zakarauskas bubbled with joy, stating she “loved how our patriotism was shown through our singing.”

The students were approached again after the game, and a question was raised about if they’d like to perform at another game next year. Like the first time they were asked, the students were ecstatic and were quick to say yes.

“My experience was fun. I enjoyed being able to sing the national anthem, and yelling from the excitement of the game.” says senior Hailey Tripp.

Personally, I enjoyed the experience of going out to eat with friends, and singing the national anthem in public for the first time. (It wasn’t THAT nerve racking.) I love watching hockey, and from what I had seen and heard, many students loved it too.


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