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Blue Ridge Improves SAT Scores

By: Peyton Gelinger/Sophomore Writer

With the current wave of juniors taking the SAT’s, it seems like a great time to acknowledge Blue Ridge’s 2018 test takers for being in the top 10 for overall scores in the region. Blue Ridge placed 9th with an overall score of 1098, compared to the national average of 1050 to 1060. For those of you who don’t know, SAT’s are a Nation Wide Standardized test commonly used for college admissions to see how ready a student is for that particular college.

Last year, 35 students had taken the SAT’s. Mr. Matthew Nebzydoski had informed us that “as far as my knowledge goes, this is the farthest up the list that we have ever been. It is also the first time to my knowledge that we were above the state average and also above the national average.”

Blue Ridge has taken many precautions to help students prepare for SAT testing throughout high school to help students succeed on higher SAT scores. An SAT prep course is an elective offered to Blue Ridge students wanting to prepare for the SAT’s. Around 8 years ago, Blue Ridge had brought in special trainers to help high school teachers, mainly in the Math and English departments, understand what kinds of information may be incorporated in the test and how specific questions may be worded. The teachers that were trained by SAT trainers try to incorporate materials that may be on the tests into everyday curriculum.

Nebzydoski had also stated that the SAT is a very particular type of test that if you learn/prepare for it, that you could improve your score. “Teaching kids test taking skills and how to handle SAT style questions, especially when they take the test, can help. There has also been an increase in numbers of students in AP and honors classes. Therefore, we are exposing more students to more types of challenging materials which can help benefit their test taking skills when they take standardized tests such as the SAT’s.”

The list on how the overall scores over the last couple of years are as follows:

2018: 35 students took the test, with an average score of 1098

2017: 50 students took the test, with an average score of 1055

2016: 36 students took the test, with an average score of 1460

2015: 51 students took the test, with an average score of 1443

2014: 41 students took the test, with an average score of 1396

2013: 48 students took the test, with an average score of 1506

If you would like to see the rest of the sat scores going back all they way to the year 2000 you can check out


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Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger is a senior in High School. She is a player for the blue ridge Lady raiders varsity  volleyball team and a competitive dancer. When she is not busy doing her school work along with sports Peyton loves to spend time with her family and friends. She planes to attend college to major is Sociology / Human services At Indiana University Of Pennsylvania. 
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