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Blue Ridge High Pride Club

By: Brianna Garron/Sophomore Writer

Outside of the Pride Club meeting place. Photo by: Brianna Garron

This year officially marks the second birthday of the Blue Ridge High Pride Club, a club that was started to help students who want a safe space.

Due to an overwhelming amount of desire from students, science teacher and club advisor Beth Vaccaro says she has established a Pride Club that is open to all Blue Ridge High School students. The club meets every Friday during lunch to discuss important topics.

“It was created because students thought they needed a safe place to be their true selves,” says Vaccaro.

This club provides that, allowing students to express themselves without judgment.

Vaccaro says Blue Ridge staff had an amazing response to the Pride Club.

“In fact, Mrs. Webster [high school principal] is our biggest ally and supporter.”

Current club members that were also interviewed stated how much they appreciate the fact that they have a club where they feel included. Those same students, who wish to remain anonymous, say they would encourage others to join so more funds can be raised for trips.

“The goal of the club, in my opinion, is to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for students to feel welcomed and seen in the eyes of other members in the LGBTQ community, “says club member Jeane Fazzi.

As of yet, Vaccaro and club members have not settled on which fundraisers they will use. They have, however, elected club officers. Brynne Cordsen being elected president and Kaylynn Brumett for vice president.

“This club provides a safe space for anyone of the LGBTQ community or someone who just needs a space to feel safe.” says Kaylynn Brumett. 

To learn more about Pride Clubs nationwide:

Here’s a past article related to the Pride Club:


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Brianna Garron
Brianna Garron
Brianna Garron is a current sophomore at Blue Ridge where her favorite subjects are English and Chorus. Outside of school, you can find her jamming out to music and reading. She also loves hanging out with friends. Her interest in books developed when she was in the 3rd grade. Her favorite book is ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green. Brianna babysat during the summer and was fascinated by how much work it takes to take care of little kids. From this experience, she learned the importance of efficiency, communication, time-management, and problem-solving skills. When she graduates in ‘26, she hopes to go to college and use the skills she learned to help get a degree in English to become a writer/author.
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