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Blue Ridge Boys Varsity Playoff Predictions

By: Matt Loby / Sophomore Writer

This year for the Blue Ridge Boys Varsity basketball team has been successful as they participate in the distinct semi-finals. They face off against the Mountain View Eagles in the Blue Ridge gym. Blue Ridge is ready for the Eagles as they prepare to win. The Raiders will come out in the first two quarters with nervous hands but then pick up their determination in the second half to shut them down. If the Raiders win against the Eagles, then they will head on over to Mohegan Sun Arena to fight against the Holy Cross Knights. Only time will tell with how great Blue Ridge Raiders will be in the playoffs.

The Game will be held tonight at the Raider Dome at 7:00. Tickets will need to be purchased ahead of time.

Picture taken by Emma Davis on February 22, 2024 against the Susquahana Sabers.
Picture taken by Emma Davis on February 22, 2024  against the                   Susquehanna Sabers.

Purchase your tickets at:

More about the Boy’s basketball season :


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Matt Loby
Matt Loby
Matt Loby is a sophomore at Blue Ridge High School. His hobbies include being outside working or riding my dirtbike, he hates being bored and likes being challenged. Matt likes listening to music, different music genres such as new country, new rap, old country, old rap. All the good stuff. He hopes to pursue motorsport racing or go to college for business or engineering.
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