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Blood Drive Recap!

By: Alexa Stanley/Social Media Director

Friday, November 10th, here at Blue Ridge was a success! Our annual Blood Drive through Geisinger went well as usual! Many students, faculty and staff stepped up not only to help save lives but to accomplish the school’s goal of 30 donators! The donators were needed to achieve National Honors Society’s target to pursue in a scholarship given to two graduating NHS members. Although most of the experiences for the donators went great, some went south…literally. A few blood givers passed out but their recovery was smooth along with the rest of the day!

“I feel accomplished and they make you feel proud with telling you that you saved three lives.” Stated donator, Emma Mangel. For anyone who is intimidated by a needle, there is no need to worry,  just take Mary Kerr’s word for it.

She told the Raider Reader that, “the workers are very attentive and caring about your well being during the process.”

The Blue Ridge community hopes to keep the tradition going while increasing the amount of participants! So if you’re ever feeling generous, stop by a local blood drive! You never know who’s life you may be saving!


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