Sunday, July 3, 2022

Have You Tried Hot Yoga?

By: Cayli Allen/Senior Writer

I have found a new activity that I love-bikram yoga! Bikram, or hot yoga, is becoming a very popular workout!

 In a hot yoga class, participants are doing yoga poses while in a room that is 100-115 degrees with about sixty percent humidity. Hot yoga is a great workout, but not for everybody.

 Bikram yoga has many benefits. Bikram yoga can help you lose weight. When your body temperature is increased, body fat is burned more effectively; your metabolism also speeds up. The extreme heat also makes it easier to move your body. “Capillaries also dilate more in the heat bringing oxygen more effectively into the tissues, muscles, glands, and organs and helping in the expelling of waste,” according to an article by Lacy Langley.

 Hot yoga also has many long term effects. Since our muscles are more elastic, it is less likely to sustain an injury. Sweating detoxifies the body. The warm climate of the room also helps your immune system.

 There are many mental health perks associated with hot yoga, including discipline, concentration, and determination. Bikram yoga also teaches stress management techniques.

 There is risk for injury in any activity. The most important idea is to keep in mind during a hot yoga class is to only progress as fast as you can and to not put strain on your body. It is also important to stay hydrated before, during, and after the class.

 Bikram yoga is a great exercise that I enjoy doing. If this is an activity that you would like to try, I recommend Yoga Body Shop in Johnson City, New York. Their website is

After leaving a hot yoga class, I always feel refreshed and ready to tackle the remainder of my day.

Dorie Penny


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