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Bitner Encourages Students to Dream Big

By: Brooke Kelly/ Junior Writer

According to the results of a student survey, Blue Ridge High School students feel social studies teacher Greg Bitner encourages his students to dream big and imagine anything is possible.  

Junior Isabella Shea says of Bitner, “He is so kind. He always inspires people to be the best, and he has really good advice.”

In response, Bitner says: “I didn’t even know about the survey, but when I was told the results I was very pleasantly surprised.”

A close friend of Shea’s agrees.

That friend, junior Erin Klock, says, “Mr. Bitner is the coolest teacher. He’s really good at Geo-Guesser, an excellent Wordle player, and has profound knowledge of American history.”

Bitner has been teaching at Blue Ridge for 25 years.

“I graduated from Millersville University with an education degree in 1999 and started teaching at Blue Ridge the following fall.”

Bitner teaches ninth grade American studies I, tenth grade American studies II and eleventh grade government and civics.

He says that his greatest enjoyment is “when students get something out of history.”

“I really like it when my students connect to the lessons I teach.”

featuring Isabella Shea and Erin Klock with their favorite teacher, taken by Brooke Kelly

Here is a sample of the Blue Ridge High School student body responses to the survey when speaking of Bitner:

  • “He’s very patient, understanding, and funny, and when History was getting hard for me last year he helped me out a lot. I think he deserves some appreciation because he could very well be mean, unreasonable, and crabby but he’s not.”
  • “I selected this teacher because he is a very wise man. He has great knowledge and shares the best advice. He is very honest and is always the highlight of everyone’s day.”
  • “He is a wise man with great knowledge and big dreams. He is very honest and always aspires to be the highlight of everybody’s day.”
  • “He is a wise man with great knowledge and big dreams. He is very honest and always aspires to be the highlight of everybody’s day. Mr. Bitner always knows how to make others laugh. He travels the world and dreams about all the places he can explore and learn about.”
  • “I choose Mr. Bitner because he is down to earth easy to get along with and funny there isn’t a day in his class that he causes a negative mood in me and that isn’t easy to come by.”
  • “He shows me that every dream can be achieved if u work hard enough.”
  • “I selected Mr. Bitner because he is always entertaining when he teaches.”

Read more about Bitner and other Blue Ridge teachers here:



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Brooke Kelly
Brooke Kelly
Brooke Kelly is a junior and actively participates in the National Honor Society. She enjoys football cheer for Susquehanna and playing softball for Blue Ridge. Brooke wants to go to college for her major in accounting. Outside of school she loves spending time with family. 
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