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Biggest March Madness Upsets

By: Jaydon Barile/Junior Writer

Every March the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, also known as March Madness, takes place and allows the best teams from around the nation to compete against each other. These teams are split into 4 conferences and each team gets assigned a seed 1-16. The #1 seed is often favorited while every lower numbered team can be seen as the underdogs.

March Madness is known for it’s upsets and this year has been no exception. Some of the biggest upsets so far have been #13 Yale beating #4 Auburn, #14 Oakland beating #3 Kentucky, and #11 NC State making it to the final four.

Oftentimes when upsets this big happen sports fans all around the nation are shocked, when asking others about their reactions,

Junior Brian Derrick says, “These upsets really suprised me. It’s cool to see the underdogs win sometimes.”

Teacher Mr Bitner said, “I generally don’t like upsets because the Cinderella teams never seem to win it all. I like to see the best teams playing to win. Out of all the upsets I think NC State was the best. It’s impressive that they could make it to the final four.”

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Jaydon Barile
Jaydon Barile
Jaydon Barile is 16 years old and is currently a junior at Blue Ridge High School who lives in New Milford. He hopes to pursue a career as a restaurant owner. Jaydon Barile is trying to do well in highschool to give him more opportunities to go to college. This is Jaydon’s first year in journalism and he hopes to bring attention to different events that happen in his school.
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