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Alisa Dauro/ Senior Writer

Are you into superheroes? Who is your favorite hero? On March 4, 2022, the newest Batman came out, which is still in theaters right now! The film is based on the DC Comics character Batman and produced by DC Films. 

The movie takes place in the city we all know as Gotham. Batman works with the cooperation of the police to help beat the bad guys. He shines his bat-shaped light into the sky as a warning for everyone to know that he’s coming. This batman is different from the other ones because it has a lot of strong language and disturbing fighting, unlike the old ones. The film stars Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne (Batman). Pattinson did a wonderful job and really went all out to make this a great film. In the whole entire film, he was serious and always ready for action. Another actor who played a good role was Jeffrey Wright. He was the police commissioner. He’s a lieutenant in the Gotham Police and he plays the role of Jim Gordon.

The ending uses a storyline from all the comics you have seen as kids! What I’ve learned from this film is that people come and go but for the right reasons. If it’s meant to be then let it happen! New relationships are always coming to those who try.

The ratings of this film are at 85% with 4.1 stars. As of right now, it’s recommended to watch. I believe that it deserves more than 4.1 stars. If you’re one of the people into comics or even superheroes then I believe you will really enjoy this film! But keep in mind that it has a long run-time of 2 hours and 56 minutes and it’s PG-13 so if you get scared easily or don’t like blood then I wouldn’t watch it. Of course, make sure you have some popcorn and cold drink because you’ll be sitting awhile.


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Alisa Dauro
Alisa Dauro
Alisa is a senior now in her first year of journalism. She is interested in working at Subway and really loves to spend time with her boyfriend and  watch Netflix when she gets the time to do so.
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