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Back To School

By: Courtney Marvin/ Sophomore Writer

For students the 2020-2021 school year was really rough, although no rules were pushed everything was very confusing during school, going from being virtual to being in person, to having our classes cut to half when we got just a few covid cases (due to contact tracing). Everyone was on zoom playing with their phones, not paying attention and so on.

This year schools have resorted back to enforcing the rules, no students in the hall, using passes every where you go, no phones, and even no Wi-Fi. Students at Blue Ridge have spoken up about the rules. With everything being enforced, and resorting back to masks the school year has gotten to be pretty long already. Some senior don’t mind it to much being that they don’t want to grow up yet and the realization of that sinking in but other students have a problem with it.

(Get 3 to 6 quotes and write them down here)

  • ” I don’t think vaccinated people should have to wear masks.”-Lizzie Walsh
  • “We’re only ten days in and I’m already quarantine”- Caila George
  • ” I thought this year, we wouldn’t have to wear them.”- Madison Bishop

Although others do not mind it one bit saying

  • ” The masks are that bad, they’re just annoying.”- Madison Makosky

Overall, getting back into the grind of everything is hard, especially since last year was not all to difficult, but who knows maybe everyone will get used to it and have another fun year before the school is out.”


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Courtney Marvin
Courtney Marvin
Courtney Marvin is a sophomore at Blue Ridge High School. She enjoys doing football cheer and Basketball cheer. This is her first year in journalism. She is very energetic and creative.
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