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Athlete Feature: Savannah Glover

By: Tyler Hillard/Sports Editor

Raider Reader: How did you first become interested in softball?

Savannah Glover: I started playing softball when I was around 6 years old. My parents always encouraged me to play.

RR: What are some of your team goals this season?

SG: League, District, and Finally State Champions.

RR: What are your personal goals?

SG: I wanted to have my batting average above .400 and accomplish our team goals. 

RR: What do your practices consist of?

SG: As a team, we do fundamentals such as fielding, batting, and pitching. We also do small drills between them. 

RR: Who do you feel are your league rivals and why?

SG: I think Forest City because they were League Favorites coming into the year. Elk Lake also has a pretty strong team.

RR: Do you play for any other softball teams

SG: Yes, Diamond Dusters. I play with them in the summer and fall. 

RR: What current teammate has had the biggest impact on your softball career.

SG: Danie Goff has helped me a lot along the way through varsity. She brings a lot of skills and knowledge to me and other players. My sister Rayne Glover has also made a huge impact on my career by always believing in me and pushing me to my best potential.

RR: Do you plan on playing softball at the collegiate level?

SG: Yes. *wink wink* college scouts reading this.

The Blue Ridge Raiders softball team won the 2019 Lackawanna League this season. Savannah Glover is currently batting .407 with 24 hits, 18 runs, 20 RBIs, nine doubles, and two home runs.


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Tyler Hillard
Tyler Hillard
Tyler Hillard is a senior in his second year of journalism. Tyler is also a three-sport varsity athlete competing in baseball, basketball and golf. Besides a constant life of sports he is an avid outdoors-men and loves debating politics.
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