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Athlete Feature: Clarisa Millard

By: Carissa Zawiski/Junior Assistant to the Editor

Senior Clarisa Millard is the returning Captain of the Varsity Boys Basketball Cheerleading team. She began cheering when she was 6 years old for the Blue Ridge Triplets and has been a cheerleader ever since. She states that her favorite thing about being a cheerleader is being part of a team and doing stunts. Overall, Millard has competed in competitions since she was 6 years old, and has placed in every one of them.

All photos were provided by Clarisa.

Being the captain of a Varsity Cheer squad comes with a lot of responsibilities. Millard states that her jobs include, “Getting practices going by starting stretches, and calling out cheers so we can do them. Also, just taking leadership, being a good role model, and teaching the girls is also important.”

Since Millard has been cheering for many years, she’s had many different coaches. She explains that when she did All-Star Elite Cheer it was very competitive and different compared to school cheer. “My coaches Lacy Stilloe and Kelly Singleton helped me out a lot and pushed me to be better.” Millard also expressed that “Lacy has been there for me like another mother, and I really appreciate her for all she has done for me.”

Some advice from Millard on how to become a good cheerleader is to be sure to practice a ton because it comes in handy. Also, practicing simple things like straight stiff arms and loud choppy voices really help during cheers. In general, having fun and working hard really pay off to become a good cheerleader, and anyone could be a cheerleader if they tried!


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