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Art Q&A: Mrs. Camburn



By: Taylor Holtzman/Freshman Writer


The Blue Ridge art teacher, Mrs. Sarrah Camburn, explains, “I enjoy all types of art, it doesn’t matter what it is, or what type. It all depends on how you express your emotions and the time you put into the piece that makes it unique and special.”

I relate to this quote, as I am very interested in art and in doing things that can express my feelings. So, I had the perfect idea of asking her a couple of questions on how art changed her life, and how she gets the ideas to create different types of art. If anyone is looking forward to getting into art or is already into art, I would like to advise you to read these questions and answers so you can get the creative part of your mind to come out, or think about how you would answer these questions yourself!

First, I started off with some simple questions such as:

Raider Reader: How long have you been working at Blue Ridge?

Camburn: “I’ve been working here for 5 years now.”

RR: What college did you graduate from?

C: “Marywood University.”

RR: How long have you been teaching in your art career?

C: “12 years full time.”

RR: Why did you choose to be an art teacher?

C: “Ever since I was little, I enjoyed creating things as well as teaching people how I created them. So when I found out that those two things existed in one job, I became more focused on it and later chose it as a lifetime career. I also liked doing art because it distracts me from most of my problems. It doesn’t solve them, but it helps me get distracted from them for a little bit.”

RR: Why would you choose to work with high school students?

C: “I like to work with everyone, it doesn’t really matter to me. But in high school, that’s when things get more serious for looking at what your future career is. I like teaching high school art because in the future, if they want to continue with art, at least I have given them some background knowledge on what art is in a bigger point of view.”

Then I started getting into more interesting questions that were very unique and personal. Her responses can encourage you to open up about trying new tactics and connecting to your art on more of a personal level, instead of trying to impress others.

RR: What does the word “art” mean to you?

C: “Art is a way that you can express yourself in the way that you see it. It’s a very unique and open way to express yourself, and only you, the creator, will understand the piece. The way you can open up yourself through something that can be viewed by other people, I find amazing. I don’t usually make everything perfect. I like to add little mistakes to make it more personal to me and unique.”

RR: How do you make it so people can open up their mind to create new things?

C: “I try to make them feel as comfortable in my classroom as possible, either by having random bright or dark colors around my room, or some of my old students and my art hanging around. I also like to show them some videos of the art topic so they can get a more proper example on it. They can get an inspiration from these or get their creative mind flow going.”

RR: How do you communicate to other students to get your point across?

C: “I try to tell as many details about the project as much as I can. Other than that, I usually just let them do whatever they want to so they are most comfortable with it. I allow them to be as comfortable with the project as they can be so their creative flows come out. But, I also expect them to listen to the key details about the project that I tell them.”

RR: How do you come up with your ideas to create art?

C: “I will either look at something that could get my mind flowing to try and come up with ideas. Most of the time I will look into my old sketchbook to get ideas to change the same piece I drew to be more creative, or with more detail. This allows me to put the new things I have learned to the new drawing as well as to add more color combinations, and multiple new art techniques.”

Sarrah Camburn has been a big part of Blue Ridge art programs. She helps as much as she can to post everybody’s artwork in the glass casings around the school or on the art website, which helps to showcase the school’s beautiful artwork. If you have any other questions related to art, you can always ask her in her classroom, or even by her phone number!



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Taylor Holtzman
Taylor Holtzman
This is my first year doing journalism as a freshman writer. I enjoy being alone and having things very quiet. I usually am either working on my drawings or listening to music. Having things quiet or me listening to music makes me calm down and I can really focus on my work. I'm a very quiet person in social situations but if you take the time to talk to me, I'm not what u may seem I would be.
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