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Art OUTSIDE of the Classroom!

By: Ashley Torres/Staff Artist

No one likes to sit in a classroom all day for long periods of time, especially younger students. Which is why Mrs. Sarrah Dibble-Camburn has come up with a way for her Art 1 students to be able to create art outside of the classroom… Tape Murals!

Tape art is a way to create artwork with adhesive tape such as duck tape or packing tape. Tape murals can be any size and are easy to create for a project in class with only a few materials and limited time. It developed from urban art in the 1960’s, as an alternative to the widely spread use of spray cans in the urban art scene. It can be used in many settings and places due to its easy clean up that does not leave a permanent mark when taken down, unlike other types of art work.

Currently Mrs. Camburn’s Art 1 students are working in groups to create their tape murals all over the walls in the lower level hallway of the school. They are learning about one-point perspective, which is a drawing method that shows how things appear to get smaller as they get further away from they eye, and closer to the “vanishing point” on the horizon line. It is a way of drawing objects, or in this instance taping them, on a flat surface so they look three-dimensional and realistic to observers.

By creating these tape murals, the students are able to move around instead of the usual sitting that is done in the typical classrooms. It is also great way to get out of their comfort zones and interact with other people in the class to figure what/how to create their murals.

Picture taken by Mrs.Camburn
Picture provided by Mrs. Camburn

Art students creating their tape murals.  Photos by Sarrah Dibble-Camburn


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