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Art is Heating Up at Blue Ridge

By: Dylan Monks/Senior Writer

Blue Ridge art students are again part of the International Interdependence Hexagon Project, an art into action project which asks participants to creatively approach, explore, design and implement possible solutions to issues such as pollution, homelessness and energy alternatives that make a difference in one’s own community,” according to Blue Ridge art teacher Sarrah Dibble-Camburn.

The students from Dibble-Camburn’s Art II class have created hexagon-shaped donation containers which have been placed at local businesses for the purpose of collecting money for area residents who can’t afford heat.

In the past, it was the fifth grade art club that participated in the  Hexagon Project, however, when Dibble-Camburn, the former elementary art teacher, was moved to the high school to teach art to high schoolers, the project was moved, too.

Dibble-Camburn says she has been participating in the program since its inception.

Last year alone the students raised over $1000.  Using their art to make a difference, the money helped people stay warm over the cold winter months.  Over the last four winters the Blue Ridge Art Club has collected and donated well over $4000 to the fuel assistance program.

“To make the containers, basically we take these cutouts from cardboard then we plaster them. Once dry, we decorate them with paint, clay–or basically anything. Each hexagon represents the artist’s personal expression,” says junior Damon Baptista.

Students will pick up their hexagon containers from area businesses in a few weeks to count the change and make a donation to Interfaith.  The hexagon containers will be a part of an art exhibit in the fall.

For more information about the hexagon project, please visit www.hexagonproject.org.  To make a donation, contact Mrs. Camburn at dibbles@brsd.org


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