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Are You Experiencing Senioritis?

By: Morgan Thomas/Social Media Manager

Many seniors at Blue Ridge High School say they have senioritis.

If you don’t already know, senioritis is a supposed adversity that students get in their final year of high school when they experience a decline in motivation or performance. Examples include not completing homework, using your phone during class, or skipping school.

We asked five seniors of Blue Ridge High School if they are experiencing senioritis. Here’s what they said:

Steve Loby who plans to join the work force after graduation says he is is definitely experiencing senioritis.

“The main reason,” he says “is because I am ready to go out into the world.”

For Connor Cranage who is in the top three of his class, at this time, senioritis is real.

“Yes, I do have senioritis and I think it is because I am already accepted into college and my motivation is dwindling.”

Another Blue Ridge senior, Nathan Garrehy, said, “I am heavily experiencing senioritis because school is not for me.”

Sam Callahan said he is just ready to move on.

“I am looking forward to college and am ready for the new experience.”

Carli Thornton, who plans to study sports management, said she is ready to move on.

“There is too much work at the end of the year.”


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Morgan Thomas
Morgan Thomas
Morgan is a second year journalism student and a Senior at Blue Ridge High School. His hobbies all involve sports, especially golf, volleyball and basketball. He has played for the Raiders for all three sports.
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