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Annual Badminton Tournament Preview

By: JJ Rosa and Tim Higgins/Staff Writers

Blue Ridge’s annual badminton tournament is scheduled for Tuesday, November 22.

There are many competitive teams entering this tournament who look at taking home the gold. There will be 32 teams competing in this year’s double elimination tournament.

One of the top teams in the tournament is the duo of senior Tim Higgins and junior Leigha McCain. When asked for a prediction on their success in the upcoming tournament Higgins says, “We think we can go far but it really depends on how locked in we are.”

Another top team is made up of seniors Noah Martin and Dalton Rutter.

“We are so confident this year, you can tell Mrs. [Kristen] Heller to give us the trophy,” says Rutter.

In response, Rosa says: “Those are some confident words considering those two are not first in their gym class this year.”

This year is thought to be one of the most competitive years of all time. Good luck to all competitors!


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Timothy Higgins
Timothy Higgins
Timothy Higgins is a senior at Blue Ridge High School. He enjoys playing baseball, basketball, and hanging out with friends. Tim plans to attend King's College to play baseball and pursue his major, Business Management.
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