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And the Leo of the Year Is…

By: Luke Updyke/Photojournalist

The Blue Ridge Leo Club, derived from the Montrose Lions Club, has been dedicated to community service for several years on end. Each year, one outstanding Leo Club member is chosen as “Leo of the Year”, an honorable title that awards recognition and commitment to service. According to the Club’s nomination form, Leo of the Year candidates must have:

• demonstrated outstanding leadership skills;
• achieved a superior record as a Leo in implementing successful service projects;
• made an identifiable contribution to the development and growth of the Leo Club Program;
• achieved distinction in community or school activities outside of Leo club commitments; and
• demonstrated high ethical standards and personal integrity.

This year, Blue Ridge High School student Emma Clinton was nominated by the Leo Club BOG for the LOY medallion/certificate award due to her outstanding commitment to ambition and will to better those around her.

“I am extremely humbled to have received this award. Helping others has always been a passion of mine and it is one of the reasons I plan on going to school for nursing.” Clinton says.

With such a leading attitude, is is easy to see how Clinton managed to be the bearer of this noble title. Future Leo Club members are reminded that “hard work pays off, and a little effort goes a long way.”


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