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American Horror Story Review

By: Peyton Gelinger/ Sports and News Content Director 

American Horror Story (AHS) is a horror TV show created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falckuck, broadcasted on the cable network FX. Every season of this show is a new concept, place, time, characters, and overall story. Making every season different and intriguing to the viewers. It is my favorite tv show and I will be listing every 9 seasons of this show based on my likings of every season. But before I get into it, I would like to point out that this show is supposed to be scary just like a horror movie, as well as rated R. So I would highly suggest that if you do not like these types of movies or get scared very easily, to not watch this series.

Coming in at 9th place is season 7 Cult. Cults story takes place in the fictional town of Brookfield Heights, Michigan in 2017. It follows local restaurant owner Ally Mayfair-Richards along with her wife Ivy. Ally is left extremely distraught after Donald Trump had won the 2016 election. She is also deathly terrified of clowns and keeps saying clown attacks everywhere she goes. Including in the comfort of her own household. But the real question to be asked was are these attacks real or just her growing fear and hallucinations getting to her. It is a very interesting take on real and current events to bring fear and panic to you, as well as thinking of the horror to always be scared and attacked with no one completely believing you.

8th place is season 9 1894. This season takes place in 1894 as Brooke Tompson and her group of friends decides to travel to the remote summer camp of newly remodeled Camp Redwood to be camp counselors for the summer. But until their arrival they are completely unaware of the camp’s dark and murderous past, and are unprepared for the dangerous and deadly summer they will encounter after the arrested murder “ Mr. Jingles” breaks out of his mental hospital ready to continue what he had started years ago. It gives off the classic 80s slasher vibes but still manages to have unexpected twists and turns. 

Coming in at 7t place is season 4 Freak Show. This season takes place in 1952 in the sleepy and judgmental town of Jupiter Florida. It follows Elsa Mars and her almost circus-like performing group of “freaks’ ‘ and “monsters’ ‘, which are just normal people who don’t look like everyone else making them strange to the outside world. But unfortunately soon after they arrived in town so did twisty the clown along with other dark and dangerous people, who will wreak havoc on this small town. With people believing that the “ freaks “ are the ones causing trouble.

The season coming into 6th place is Apocalypse. It is set in the near future after a nuclear war has destroyed the earth as we know it. We follow a group of people as the world is ending as they go and live in an underground bunker to survive. Along with the Anarchist and antichrist Michal Landon and what this particular character had to do with the end of the world. Throughout all seasons you can see small glimpses of other seasons and universes, however, this season had finished the stories of a couple of previous seasons. It was super cool to see how they all blended these completely different worlds and made a perfect ending to the world as we know it.

5th place is season 6, Roanoke. It is set in around 2014 – 2016 in rural North Carolina. It takes place in a very remote newly renovated farmhouse and its property. It shows what happened to all the homeowners along with everyone else who stays at the house. It is a film like a reality show/documentary about the reign of terror that had happened in the house in the short amount of times that they had lived there. It focuses on everyone being in danger ad no one had believed any of them or wanted to help, except those unfortunate to be exposed to the threat. 

Coming in at 4th place is season 5 Hotel. This season takes place at the Hotel Cortez in downtown Los Angeles. It starts ad detective Jon Lowe is investigating a series of murders around the city, that seem to be representing the Bible’s 10 commandments. After he and his depressed wife, Alex get into a big fight around one year after their young son goes missing. Jon is forced to stay in a hotel, hotel Cortez to be exact. And the people and the activities happening in this hotel shock everyone with fear and terror, especially Jon. 

In 3rd place is season 1 Murder House. This season starts with Ben and Vivian Harmon, along with their teenage daughter. They had moved from Boston to Los Angeles after Ben had had an affair and Vivian had sadly had a miscarriage to have a “fresh start”. But soon after moving into the grand Victorian home, that ben now has his psychology practice in they realize what was wrong with the house, and especially with the people that almost seem to come with the house. It follows them trying to leave and all the terrors they are encounter along the way, but were they too late to get out of this house? 

At 2nd place is season 3 Coven. In this season we are taken to New Orleans, the witch and voodoo capital of the united states. And that’s exactly what this season is based around. It shows two different covens of witches. The young girls trying to figure out who will be the next supreme in Mrs. Robashwas all-girls academy. Along with saying the voodoo witches and their struggle for revenge and power. You get to meet witches old and new, but will they let their powers get the best of them?

And my favorite season is season 2 Asylum. This season takes place in 1964 and showing the shocking events about what is happening in the church-owned Briarcliff Manor by Lana Winters, a news reporter who was forced to buy sister Jude for simply being gay and sent to conversion therapy. However, this was not Lana’s plan at all. Her job was to get an inside scoop on Kit walker’s “ bloody face “ the murder who was just admitted there. Throughout this series, you see the shocking abuse, torcher, and mistreatment of all the admitted patients in this mental hospital, along with even some of the staff members.

With the Current COVID-19 pandemic, the filming dates and release of season 10 have been released. However, what we do know as of now is that season 10 will be released sometime in 2021. With the title Double Feature. And this show will somehow be split in half all in one season! I am personally ecstatic for this new season to come out, and along with seeing what story these creators have come up with us for this time.


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Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger is a senior in High School. She is a player for the blue ridge Lady raiders varsity  volleyball team and a competitive dancer. When she is not busy doing her school work along with sports Peyton loves to spend time with her family and friends. She planes to attend college to major is Sociology / Human services At Indiana University Of Pennsylvania. 
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