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ALICE Training

By: Alec Martin/Co-Social Media Director and Christie Baldwin/Junior Writer

ALICE is a nationwide defense system that trains individuals in the event that an intruder is about to attack. ALICE stands for Alert, Lock down, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. Some of our teachers at Blue Ridge took this training to learn how to protect students in the case of an emergency.

How did our school decide on this program?

Mr. Nebzydoski: The program was most in-line with state and federal safe-schools recommendations.

Mr. Deck: Mr. Nebzydoski, the District’s Safety Director, found that ALICE fit with the direction that Blue Ridge was heading in school security, which ultimately lead to BR hosting an ALICE instructor course this past July.

Does the ALICE training make you feel safer?

Mrs. Montague: Yes, because it gives you more options when there is in an incident. The previous strategy (Run, Hide, Fight) did not. It also forces you to think differently about where things are located in your surroundings and be more aware.

Mr. Deck: Yes, seeing how seriously the teachers, administration and staff, went about and participated in the training should make everyone in the district feel safer.

Did you learn anything new from the training?

Mrs. Montague: Causing a distraction really does work.

Mr. Nebzydoski: Yes, I learned traditional lock downs with hiding in a corner was not the most effective practice.

Mr. Deck: Yes, I learned how effective a trained person can be at stopping a sinister person with a weapon.

Was there anything about the training that stuck out to you?

Mrs. Montague: Causing a distraction really does work.

Mr. Nebzydoski: There is a lot we can do to be safer, most importantly we need to plan and practice.

Mr. Deck: I was impressed with the enthusiasm by everyone who went through the training.

What is your opinion on the training?

Mrs. Montague: It was a good training and our students definitely need the information.

Mr. Nebzydoski: It is simple, practical, and efficient.

How do you think our students will be impacted by participating in ALICE strategies?

Mrs. Montague: They will be better prepared in case they are ever on their own in a certain situation. they will know what to do to help a sub who may not know what to do.

Mr. Nebzydoski: Students will be safer if a school emergency occurs. But also the strategies could be used anywhere a person might encounter an active shooter.

Mr. Deck: I’m certain that BR students would be impacted in a positive way. It’s very evident to me, in the role here as SRO, that BR students take school safety very seriously and are concerned for the safety of everyone on campus.

What is our goal with ALICE?

Mr. Nebzydoski: Achieve “Organization Certification” by the end of the month.

Anything more to add?

Mrs. Montague: No.

Mr. Nebzydoski: I’d like to thank the Tourje family and John Manchester family for helping to pay for the training.

These are some of the questions that the Raider Reader had in regards to learning more about the safety of our school.


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