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Agenda in the Bathrooms

By: Jack Condon/Business Manager

This year our Administration/School Board has put extreme pressure on the use of our “Passport”.  The “Passport” at Blue Ridge is a personal sign-out sheet in our provided agendas which requires the date, time in/out, destination, and also a teacher’s signature.  The idea behind this was to hopefully crack down on student misconduct and prevent the need to lock the boys bathrooms. During the 2018-2019 school year, a series of bathroom vandalizations and misbehavior caused the school to lock all bathrooms but one, which was nearest to the office.  

The Student Planner, the name given to our agendas, have been given a much smaller footprint in hopes of them being less of a headache to carry around.  The first concern many students have is with the amount of times we can go to certain places. Each Passport page has 60 rows for us to fill out, however, each page is for one of our four marking periods.  However, the rows do not carry over into the next marking period. When asked, Mrs. Webster explains that the color coding for each marking period makes it easier for the hall monitors to check the passport.  Speaking of hall monitors, passports are required to be filled out and carried when ever a student asks to go to the facilities such as restrooms, lockers, and the health office. For a student to go to the main office/guidance office the student will ask the teacher to fill out a small blue pass.  

It is required to carry the agendas when leaving the classroom during class; this includes taking them into the bathroom. While Mr. Ron Cranage and the maintenance staff do a very good of keeping our school clean and in full working order, even the cleanest bathrooms are still bathrooms.  According to Mrs. Webster, middle school bathrooms have been given pocket holders similar to the cell phone pockets for the agendas to rest in while you use the restroom.  When having to carry them into the bathroom was brought to her attention, she immediately realized something needed to be done. Maintenance and Mrs. Webster are working on a plan for tables or something similar for students to place their agendas on in high school lavatory.  

While it will take some getting used to, the Administration and teachers are being very open to concerns and willing to answer any questions on the new agenda policy.     


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