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After-School Art Club Starts Soon

By: Neo Choplosky/Staff Writer

The Blue Ridge High School art teacher, Sarrah Dibble-Camburn, says the after-school Art Club will begin meeting on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

Camburn says: “It’s full of fun and experiments and materials and everyone will be able to learn and experiment with art while having a great time.”

First-time attendees will have the opportunity to make gnomes as a Raider Cafe fundraiser, as well as make art for the Endless Mountain Hospital in Montrose.

According to Camburn, “Art club is very interesting to everyone that goes and people love to make all the fun crafts.”

Others, like Shelby Seamans, say, “It lets your creativity flow.” 

To view club meeting dates, visit this link for google docs.


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Neo Choplosky
Neo Choplosky
Neo is a first-year journalist.  He likes to play games and make art along with eager excitement to finish school soon to eventually try to get to his life goal.
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