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Activities To Do While Quarantined

By: Carissa Zawiski/Junior Assistant to the Editors

Although staying home is a good way to keep yourself and others safe from the coronavirus, it can also be tough sitting home all day with nothing to do. What’s there to do while stuck indoors? Well, there’s quite a lot actually. There are so many activities to do to help make your time quarantined way more interesting. Here are a couple different activities you could try:

Start a journal or a blog. Journaling can be a good way to keep track of ideas, plans for the summer, thoughts, and fun memories for you to go back later and reflect on them.

Exercise! Of course with nothing to do all day, it’s easy to just eat keep eating food and watch Netflix the entire day. Don’t do that! Sure, watching movies or shows can be fun, but don’t make it last all day. Download an app that works for you, or search workout videos on youtube and start exercising. It could be a great way to get moving and gain muscle!

Clean your room. Cleaning your room can help you to stay organized and develop better habits to not be so messy. Go through your old clothes and get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit anymore. Even if you get rid of a bunch of clothes, you can always shop online and get more! 

Watch a movie or show you never watched before. Netflix just released some new shows and movies that are well recommended. Netflix’s new series “Outerbanks” was released on April 15th and has been the number one show on Netflix for the past month. If you’ve already watched some new shows and movies, binge some shows you haven’t watched in a long time and have a family movie night.

Make a digital photo album! Go through your camera roll and pick your favorite pictures from this past year and make a photo book. Looking through old memories can be fun! 

Go for a walk or a bike ride around in the neighborhood. Getting exercise is important, and putting your on headphones and listening to music can be relaxing while riding a bike.

This may or may not sound fun, but do yard work! Cleaning your yard is important for several reasons. Having a clean yard can reflect your work ethic and how you live. A clean yard shows good character and hard work!

Have a campfire with your family! Campfires can be a fun way to bring your family together and have a great time. You can make s’mores and other fun treats around the fire!

If there’s nothing else for you to do, go outside and listen to music. Just getting the fresh air is important instead of staying in all day.

Download the app TikTok and make some awesome videos outside. TikTok is an app that’s allows you to make creative videos and share them with your friends.

There are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself busy during quarantine. Most important of all, take the essential precautions needed to stay safe and stay heathy! 


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