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About CAP – Interview with Guidance Counselor Paula Finn

By: Lucas DeBella/Senior writer

Career advisement period, also known as CAP, is an easy way to keep track of your educational achievements and future career plans. It’s a program designed to assist students, keep them organized, and self-aware. It is important for students to do because it helps them understand how their academics and personal interests could help them obtain the career they want, and would most likely be successful at. I asked Mrs. Paula Finn, one of our guidance counselors at Blue Ridge High School, a few questions regarding the usage of CAP.

Raider Reader: How did CAP evolve?

Mrs. Finn: The counseling department was trained on providing career exploration opportunities to students at the high school level.

RR: When did the state decide to require career portfolios?

Mrs. Finn: – Two years ago

RR: Whose required to keep a portfolio?

Mrs. Finn: All students grades three through twelve.

RR: Who monitors the portfolios at Blue Ridge? Who monitors them at the state level?

Mrs. Finn: School counselors such as Mr. Lewis, and Mrs. Tewes will monitor the portfolios from our school and someone from the Department of Education will monitor them from the state.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. All students from 8th grade on up are required to have a career portfolio. They state “A Career Portfolio is a tool for students to help them think through and plan for their future education and career.”

In conclusion, CAP is very important on a state level and is now a Blue Ridge requirement to graduate. It can help plan for the future, and it could get you on the right path so don’t forget to do your CAP.


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Lucas DeBella
Lucas DeBella
4 years ago

This article Is pretty lit, who ever made this article deserves a standing ovation and a 100

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