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Abandoned Mansion Album Review

By: James Goff / Sports Editor

Dr. Dog already put out another album. I don’t understand. You’d think, like, ‘Hey, thirteen songs is good enough for this year, maybe they’ll put out more in like 2017 if they’re real active. Probably by 2018. They’re busy.’  Yet somehow Dr. Dog found the time to release another 10 songs in the form of Abandoned Mansion. The new record is perhaps their most mellow yet. It’s like a cozy comforter enveloping the listener with a strange warmth that affects every aspect of their being.  There are lyrics of self-acceptance, as well as acceptance of situation and acceptance of this life. This isn’t the typical self-acceptance message. It has so much more meaning than the generic song or two a band may put out to help their image. Dr. Dog’s two writers, Toby Leaman and Zach Milller, clearly put so much emotion into these songs. Which is why it simply baffles me that they were able to release this record just nine months after putting out Psychedelic Swamp. Whether it’s “Jim’s Song”- a sad story about loss of love twisting to loss of pride or “Peace of Mind” longing for, well, peace of mind, or the song “I Know” gives a message about respect for yourself and your own decisions.  Just about any song you listen to on this record is a gem.



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