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A Visit to WVIA

By: Emma Davis/Editor-in-Chief

Isaiah Torres, artist of the week, and Stephanie Buerkle, musician of the week, took a trip down to WVIA for interviews on Thursday, September 28, 2023.  In addition, our very own editor-in-chief was invited to tag along. Not only did Emma Davis get to watch behind the scenes, but also got to wear some of the signature clothing pieces Isaiah created.

Being Featured on WVIA                                                                                                                                                     

Isaiah and Stephanie were interviewed about their great accomplishment.

Group Photo taken by Sarrah Camburn

“It feels so great to be featured on WVIA, especially being invited back for a second time! Although there are limits to the arts in a small community, it’s great to see an organization encouraging young artists like me.” Isaiah Torres claims.

Stephanie Buerkle stated, “I feel honored to be chosen as WVIA’s feature. From what I’ve seen, there aren’t opportunities as unique as this one. This feature promotes young artists like myself to acknowledge their achievements as an artist.”

They were also interviewed on how this opportunity can help them.

Isaiah Torres explained, “This opportunity has helped me in so many ways, most importantly I get to show off my skills, and I get to be a part of almost a celebration of not only myself but many other people like me. I also get to experience a more “industry” setting with the interviewer, and the shooting process.”

Stephanie Buerkle claimed, “This opportunity helped me solidify my personal beliefs of why I want to continue creating music. It also encouraged me to improve upon my districts pre-auds piece, the piece I performed.”

The WVIA Experience

Of course, we couldn’t forget to ask about their experiences with WVIA and being featured on a news station.

Isaiah Torres explains how it was fantastic and a dream, “I got to experience something that not many students get to experience, and twice. My time at WVIA’s studio was great and I felt like I had a lot of control in how my designs were portrayed or brought to life. Of course, thanks to Emma as well, who I can’t thank enough!”

Torres also added, “I truly appreciate the opportunities presented to me which can advance my career, and learning experience in fashion design.”

Stephanie Buerkle mentioned how working with WVIA was exhilarating. “Everyone was encouraging and helpful. I had never done an interview. Personally, I was dreading it at first, but with high performance level anxiety, it’s essential to expose myself to high pressure situations.”

Emma Davis also added her insight with her experience accompanying them to WVIA.

“It was a breath of fresh air to be experiencing so many extravagant things. I had way too much fun getting to model some of Isaiah’s amazing pieces. I couldn’t thank Mrs. Austin, the education director, enough when she took me back to show me the behind the scenes in their journalism department. This was definitely a day to remember.”

A big thanks to WVIA for providing our Blue Ridge students and so many other students with opportunities such as this one to pursue their dreams.

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