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Little Shop Of Horrors

By Kassidy Potter/Senior Writer

Every year the Blue Ridge Theater Department puts on two amazing productions and this year was no exception. Their latest production was “Little Shop of Horrors.”

The cast and crew truly went above and beyond, making a production that included humor, sadness, and the hardships of everyday life. The facial expressions were spot on and the actors truly transformed into their characters. The audience’s attention was captured as the events unfolded upon the stage.

I heard many murmurs throughout the crowd commenting on the acting and special effects that were involved in the play. Those in the crowd were also shocked at the props that the cast used during the play. Many wondering where they got their props and who created such masterpieces.

Blue Ridge has once again had a successful performance that took hard work and dedication from everyone involved. Behind all of these successful performances is the director, Ms. Amy Zakarauskas along with those she chooses to cast.

Ms. Z. had a comment on this year’s High School Production, “This is the most extensive set that we have ever built, so I am really proud of the set and all those who helped make this play come together. The play was cast so well, the students did a fantastic job in really becoming the role they were portraying. Although I am losing some students come graduation, I can’t wait for the next performance.”

While the play was fantastic and I have full faith that future productions put on by the Blue Ridge Theater Department will not fall short, the department is in fact losing seniors that have been in productions for the last four years.

The Theater Department says goodbye to  Zach Morris, Janelle Oakley, Lexi Button, Dorie Penny, Noah Jennings, Autumn Wayman, Cera Hearn, and Halona Burgess.
Good job to everyone who had a hand in making the production possible.


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