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OPINION: 2023-24 New Class Offerings Offer More than Before

By: Ryan Scott/Junior Writer

Blue Ridge High School has come out with a plethora of new and exciting electives for students of all interests to take part in. The classes range from weather-related science classes to weight lifting classes and include:

  • Culture Shock
  • Creative Writing II
  • Environmental Science
  • Meteorology
  • Women in History
  • Introduction to Leadership Practices
  • Sports, Entertainment, & General Management
  • Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • Retailing & Design
  • Introduction to Agriculture
  • Introduction to Athletic Training/Sports Medicine
  • Weight Lifting and Conditioning

Classes that students seem to be most excited for are the new physical education class choices.

Instead of a traditional physical education class where students play new games every week, students can focus on personal interests such as weight lifting. This class allows those students who take time after school to lift, to do that during school, and, better yet, learn safe methods for working out and while establishing a solid work out routine.

That is not all, though.

Students can take introduction to athletic training and sports medicine class in place of a regular gym class. This class focuses on specifics about the medical aspects of sports and gives insight on what being a personal trainer is like. This benefits students with these interests by giving them the experience to decide if they want to pursue this in college.

While those three classes are the talk of the school, there are other remarkable classes, as well.

Women in history is just what it sounds like, a class that discusses women’s’ achievements.

Another new class, introduction to leadership practices, offers the chance to learn leadership tactics and methods. Many students planning to take this class are club officers and/or athletic team leaders.

Not all of that list is brand new though. Some of these classes have been offered in years prior. This includes meteorology, retail and design, and introduction to agriculture.

Meteorology presents the principles of atmospheric science with a focus on weather forecasting and oceanography. The class will be taught by Alec Mazikewich, who moonlights as a weatherman for WBNG, Binghamton, N.Y., tends to be the go-to-weatherman at Blue Ridge (see an article about Mazikewich here). This class will allow students to have a more well-rounded transcript, as well as give them an opportunity to dive deep into a section of science that some may pursue as a future career.

Retail and design will allow students to design their own retail business. It’s a more specific course that will allow students who are interested in retail to take a class aligned with their future goals.

The best part about these course options is that participants of these electives might actually be motivated to learn.

Another class offering is introduction to agriculture which teaches students about agriculture, food and natural resources with an opportunity to explore plant science, animal science, agriscience and agribusiness. The class will be helpful to those considering a career in the field of agriculture which includes jobs such as an agricultural engineer, an agricultural economist, farm manager, and a soil and plant scientist.

Many of these classes are offered during the same class period, so it’s vital to take a look at your interests and talk to your counselor as soon as possible. They will talk in depth with you about your future plans and assist with a schedule that best fits those plans. With this in mind, don’t wait to take action because classes fill up quickly, especially those new physical education choices.

Luckily, many electives are half a credit which means they are only in session for two semesters. This is perfect because now you can take more classes that interest you. This will let you split your year up with many more fun options instead of being stuck with the same electives all year long.

Those of you in advanced placement (AP) classes are eligible for an AP study. This allows students who are taking work-loaded classes to utilize school time to do homework.

If you do not want that, or are not eligible, you can also fill your schedule up with other electives of your interest. An example of this would be taking piano theory first period for the first two semesters, and then taking an art class the second two semesters.




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Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott is a Second year journalism student, taking on his senior year of high school.  He spends most of his time playing golf, basketball or going out with friends. Fascinated by Law, Ryan plans to obtain a degree in criminal law and or political science.
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