Winter Semi-Formal

Photo Provided By: Alexa Stanley

By: Alexa Stanley/ Social Media Director

The Blue Ridge High School will be hosting their winter Semi-Formal! Each year, the high school has three dances. Homecoming, Semi-Formal, and Prom! In celebration of the school year being halfway over, all of the high school is invited to the dance on March 9th where there will be free food and drinks!

Now you’re probably wondering if you read that correctly and yes, you did. THERE’S FREE FOOD. The night will include a photo booth out in the hall to capture every memory, along with decorations that go with the blue and snow-ball theme.

Junior, Isabelle Morris tells the Raider Reader, “It’s another opportunity to be with all of our friends before they graduate!”

Semi will start at 7:30 P.M. There will be pre-sale tickets available in the Raider Mart and during lunch for twelve dollars. Tickets will be sold at the door of the dance for fifteen dollars.

There will be so many beautiful details at the dance that it will be an experience you do not want to miss out on!