Photos by: Joe Pipitone(left) and Allyssa Johnson(Right)

By: Allyssa Johnson/Co-Editor in Chief

If you have stayed after school, you have probably come across Will Clauson. Will can usually be seen working out or walking the halls getting in shape.

Last September, Will tried out for the wrestling team, but was unsuccessful due to being too heavy for the weight classes. That put his whole weight loss journey into perspective. He started consistently working out, eating better, and even joined the track and field team. All his hard work has paid off. A year later, he now weighs 318 pounds. He lost a whopping 132.2 pounds in total! He is still determined on losing another 33 pounds to reach his goal of 285. Once he reaches it, he will be allowed to wrestle.

Will’s advice for those looking to embark on a weight loss journey is to “Say yes to the healthy, and no to the bad. It’s all mental power. Start small and work yourself up gradually. Set small goals that will eventually turn into bigger ones.”

He wants to leave behind a legacy for future students that have similar struggles.

Amber Turner, the High School Track Coach, said, “Will’s best trait, to me, is his tenacity in what he does. Will has had major obstacles that have stood, and continue to stand in his way, but he pushes every one of them out of the way, or finds a way to make it work. He has so much grit in everything that he does and so much persistence. He’s going to go far in this world and make a huge impact in whatever it is that he does. If half of the people in this world had as much tenacity as he does, it would be an extremely different, but amazing world to live in.”

Will continues to work on his goals, and hopes to inspire many.