Where Are They Now: Faith D. Edgar

By: Delia Geyer/ Content Editor

Faith D. Edgar graduated from Blue Ridge in the class of 2015 and is now a member of the United States Army.

Edgar says she has always known she wanted to join the Army through the examples of her father and other family members.

“Their confidence and leadership qualities always struck me in awe. I always wanted to be just as courageous and strong as them.”

“I have grown into a strong individual both physically and mentally, and continue to apply the skills I have learned into my daily lifestyle and morals. The professionalism and the quality of work produced is one that I am genuinely proud of. The pride we have when we wear our uniforms and the respect we give to those who teach us everyday (and those who served before us) will always ring true in my heart,” says Edgar.

When asked about her experience so far in the Army, Edgar says she has been able to push her body and mind to the limit further than what she ever thought was possible.

For students looking to join the armed forces, Edgar says to research the different job opportunities in whatever branch you decide on. She says to talk to recruiters and ask them questions about their personal experiences.

“Make sure that you choose a job that you want because your happiness in your career is just as important as your success and work ethic.”

To students in general, Edgar says, “Find your own voice and follow the dreams you have. Make goals and plans to properly execute to ensure your dreams are achievable. When you fail (and you WILL fail at times- it’s part of the process) pick yourself back up and make a new plan to achieve whatever goal you have set. Remember that no matter how long it takes to achieve your goal, the effort and experience you have will allow other people to know that they can achieve their goals and follow their own ambitions as well.”

Delia Geyer is a 12th grade, second year journalism student. Her favorite pastimes include playing the violin and the clarinet, and hanging out with her two dogs Beezer and Roger.