When is Cold Too Cold?

Juniors Hailey Tripp and Jerni Schell

By:Kimberly Bryden/Junior Writer

As you can see there are a lot of people in the school who are wearing blankets to stay warm in this cold school. The students just got back from Christmas break and they want to feel warm, not cold all the time.

Senior Emma Mangel hyperbolizes that cold rooms are “illegal” and we shouldn’t be here.

“Lower than 64.4 degrees is illegal actually,” says Mangel.

Art teacher Sarah Dibble-Camburn. Photo taken by Micah Mullen

There are many rooms in the school that do not have any heat and are ridiculously cold. Art teacher Ms. Sarah Dibble-Camburn states that it is super hard for the teachers and students to concentrate on their teaching and their learning.

“Well I’m in my snow pants right now, also my one sink is frozen. Thank goodness I have two sinks,” says Camburn.

There are a lot of students that came to school wearing blankets to keep warm in the cold rooms. Camburn states that for for students to feel warmer in her room to bring blankets, gloves, hats, snow pants, heating things that keeps your hands warm.

“Just wear and bring whatever keeps you warm in my room,” says Camburn.

Juniors Hailey Tripp and Jerni Schell

Junior Jerni Schell gave her input on how she feels about the cold school. She says it’s ridiculous, and that the cold rooms are affecting everyone’s learning.

“It’s hard to focus when you are cold and shivering,” says Schell.

“So far the cold has become better than it was the first day, but there are still kids walking around the hallways with blankets on”, says Schell.

Now that many people found out that the school is going to be cold for a while, Schell says that she will definitely dress warmer.

“I will start wearing sweaters, pants, and sweatshirts, like everyone has been,” says Schell.

Junior Kyra Powell trying to stay warm with her blanket on.


Juniors Micah Mullen and Hailey Tripp


Senior Jubilee DelGado staying warm in her blanket.


Junior Micah Mullen running away from the cold.



Kimberly Bryden is a junior in high school and a first year journalism student. Her plan for the future is to become a trauma nurse. She likes helping people and loves the excitement. She cares about her family and many others. Kimberly first started showing interest in becoming a trauma nurse when her grandmother became diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed in 2011.