What To Do After You’re Accepted To College

By: Emma Glezen/Content Editor

After all applications are turned in and the admissions officers have looked everything over and you’re awaiting an answer, what is there to do while you wait?  Or even after you know you are accepted to the colleges you have applied to, what do you do next?

Many colleges have checklists for accepted prospective students to follow.  These checklists include things like deadlines for many things like the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), meal plans, housing contracts, parking permits, etc.  As high school graduation draws closer, these deadlines also come up so you can then be that much closer to being a college student next fall.

A very, very important thing you should try to do first, is file your FAFSA online and with your school so you can find out how much financial aid your school, as well as the government, can provide you.  Once you have accomplished that process you could contact your admissions officer and find out what the best choice for your next step would be as they are the best people to go to for some sort of guidance since they know what is needed of you.

Once you have gotten all your FAFSA filed with your school, a fellow senior, Luke Updyke says, “It is easier to file it and just wait for the financial packet from your school to arrive, and if you start getting nervous, never feel weird about contacting their admissions office. They’re the ones who know what is going on.”

Another thing you could put on the top of your list would be to get quite a few of scholarship applications done and under your belt.  Free money is the most helpful type of money in the college process.  Blue Ridge has an assortment of scholarships that available to students.  There are other websites that you can apply to scholarships through, like community foundation, fastweb, and sallie mae.  These websites are free to sign up through and can list a ton of scholarships in many different categories for all types of people to apply to.

Coming from a student who has been accepted and knows where she is going, “It truly is easier to just go with the flow of things and have patience with your school, because they’re doing this for so many other students than just you.  So don’t be afraid to follow the checklist they provide, but also wait it out and wait to see what comes your way from the admissions office.”