What is Día de Muertos?

Photo by: Kathia Marvin

By: Jessica Marvin/ Co-editor in chief

Día de Muertos is a Mexican holiday which is celebrated primarily on November 1st and 2nd, although some places do begin festivities on October 31st. The souls of departed children are celebrated on November 1st, on what is called Día de los Angelitos, or “Day of the Little Angels.” November 2nd, however, is the time when all deceased souls are honored.

This multi-day celebration is a way for the loved ones of the deceased to celebrate the lives of those they’ve lost and to experience the concept of death in a way that isn’t scary or threatening. The celebration can be a healing experience for many who have lost someone close to them.

Below is an interview with my mother, Kathia Marvin, about the holiday.




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