Photo by: Micah Mullen/Staff Artist

By: Carlton Smith and Micah Mullen/Staff Artists

Elementary school: a place most remember fondly, where students gain access to the written word, math skills and are exposed to art. In fact, for some kids, art allows them time to take a break from learning and gives them time to cool down- and have a bit of fun. That’s where art comes in. Letting kids imaginations go and run free is a vital part of growing for them. This year, the elementary school’s art class is ran by Ms. Brackney Brotzman. The children from grades Kindergarten through 5th grade get to enjoy her class this year. This weeks highlighted group is her 5th grade.

“When I was a little girl my parents had a huge basement that I decorated as if it were my own little classroom, the seats filled with my stuffed animals”, said Brotzman. Ms. Brotzman became a teacher about five years ago. She says that moment as a child is when she knew she was going to teach. “I decided to become the art teacher because I had always had an interest for art for all of high school.”

Photo of BR Elementary Art teacher Ms. Brotzman by C.W. Smith/Staff Artist

After talking to the 5th graders, we chose two for this weeks child artists, Tess Choplosky and Addison Welch. Tess says her favorite part about art is everything!

“I love working with cardboard mostly, especially making projects.” Tess tells.

She wants to keep going with her art when she gets older.

Photo of 5th grade art student, Tess Choplosky. Photo by Micah Mullen/ Staff Artist

“I love coloring and drawing mostly during art class.” Addison says.

Her favorite mediums to use are colored pencils and markers. Addison as well plans to keep pursuing her art after 5th grade.

Photo of BR student Addison Welch, 5th grade art student. Photo by Micah Mullen/Staff Artist