Thursday, December 5, 2019

Visiting a College

By: Delia Geyer/ Content Editor

While students are deciding on which college to go to, they can often be caught with feelings of indecision. It can be difficult for many to decide on which college or university to attend as it is an important and big decision in the life of a college-bound student. There are certain factors that make the process easier, such as price, academics, or social activities, but if you are like many high school students, you may not have any particular outstanding factors to help determine your decision.

One thing that can help be the deciding factor is visiting one or many facilities of higher education. It may be difficult to tell whether or not a specific college is the right fit for you just by reading about it and seeing it online or on paper. In my experience, visiting the colleges (even after you’ve been accepted) is the only way to see if the school is the perfect fit for you.

Most colleges offer many different options for students to see and experience their campuses. Some examples of this are college visits/tours, which can be done at any time that the college offers. Typically on these visits, students will go with a student tour guide around the campus. Often they will have presentations before or after the tour to talk about the school.

Tours are a good way to see the campus for the first time. I recommend going on college visits like this in the summer before your senior year of high school. They help you learn which colleges you will want to apply to.

After you’ve been accepted, there are other options to see the school. Whether you know where you are going at this point or not, it is still a good idea to see the campus. Colleges will hold “Accepted Students Day,” where you will be able to attend with other students that are accepted. On these days, you will get another tour of the campus, be able to talk to students that currently attend, possibly sit in on a class, and try the cafeteria food.

While Accepted Student Days vary from school to school, they are all a great way to learn more about the school, the campus, financial aspects, and meet some of your possible future classmates. For both future and current seniors, I would recommend attending as many of these days as you can if you are having trouble making your decision.

Many colleges also offer other ways to visit that range from going for an overnight stay, all the way to just sitting in on one class.

If you are struggling to make your decision, the best thing to do is visit campuses.

Delia Geyer
Delia Geyer is a 12th grade, second year journalism student. Her favorite pastimes include playing the violin and the clarinet, and hanging out with her two dogs Beezer and Roger.


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