Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

Ugly Sweater. Left to right: Lisa Carpenetti, April Rhone

By:  Kimberly Bryden/Junior Writer

On Wednesday, December 20th, 2017, the Blue Ridge elementary teachers held an “ugly Christmas sweater lunch.”

Teachers dressed up in their ugliest sweaters and attended the Christmas-themed lunch to which each teacher brought food to share.  The event was held in the elementary library where assorted desserts, drinks, and regular lunch foods were displayed.

Elementary teacher Nicole Farrell says  “Everyone gets to have fun, hang out with other teachers, and forget about all their responsibilities for a while.”

Everyone who attended the party was greeted by not only an abundance of ugly sweaters, but plenty of smiling faces. 

Elementary teachers in their ugly Christmas sweaters from left to right: Robert Dibble, Trudi Hepler, Sadie McFadden, Sharon Kinsley, Janelle Tench, Elena Jones, Janice Smith. On the bottom kneeling, from left to right: Kristy Bleck, Jamie Markarian, Nicole Farrell, Joseph Burchell. Photo taken by Micah Mullen.



Kimberly Bryden is a junior in high school and a first year journalism student. Her plan for the future is to become a trauma nurse. She likes helping people and loves the excitement. She cares about her family and many others. Kimberly first started showing interest in becoming a trauma nurse when her grandmother became diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed in 2011.