Saturday, September 19, 2020

True Friends Adoption

By: Dylan Stone/Sophomore Writer

If you are looking for a new pet, head on down to True Friends! True Friends is an animal shelter in Montrose, PA who have an abundance of pets for anyone looking to adopt. A lot of the animals there have been there for a long time and would surely love to be in a new home with a loving family. True Friends has a variety of pets up for adoption for anyone who is looking into bringing a new family member in their life, especially with summer right around the corner.

True Friends is a non-profit organization in which they take animals in and give them a home, food, and love. They refuse to kill any of the animals they take in no matter how long it takes for them to find a home for said animal.

I, myself, had gotten my dog, Halo, from True Friends and the staff there were clearly attached to him. Their attachment to Halo, goes to show that they care about every dog, cat, gerbil, or rabbit that they take into their care. In addition to their excellent treatment, all of the staff are very nice to the people that come in and even nicer to the pets that come to them.

Jubilee DeleGado, who also had adopted a dog from True Friends, says that the staff there cares a lot about finding a nice and caring home for the animals they have. They have you walk the dog around outside and after you adopt or think you might want to adopt, they want to know how things go and ask you to keep track of things and mark any problems or good things to be sure you are the perfect owner for your new buddy. Now is the time to adopt as the rest of this week up until Saturday, May 5th all adoptions are free for True Friends’ “Empty The Shelter” initiative payed for by the Bissell Pet Foundation so, go adopt now!

Dylan Stone
Dylan Stone is a second year journalism student in his senior year of high school. He participates in Track. In addition to sports, he enjoys spending most of his time outside exploring what the world has to offer. He also actively challenges himself academically by taking advanced placement and honors classes.


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