Treat Yo’self!


By: Jubilee DelGado/Staff Artist

With everything going on in our lives, between school, extra curricular activities, dealing with our crazy families, homework, transitions, and having to make major life choices about life after high school, we undergo a lot of stress as students. If we aren’t careful, all of the stress can be too overwhelming. We could start to lose sleep, our grades could drop, and it could be damaging to our overall mental, emotional, and physical health. So, how do we keep from letting the stress of everyday life get us down? Treat Yo’self!

The idea of Treat Yo’self originated in the hit sitcom, Parks and Recreation. In the show, two characters, Tom and Donna, do a Treat Yo’self day once a year where they spoil themselves in whatever ways possible as a way of doing a detox from the stress of their lives as government employees. They always do things the same way every year, but one year, they bring co-worker, Ben Wyatt. He has a very different idea of treating himself as he is quite the nerdy fellow. This demonstrates how Treat Yo’self is different for everyone, but still just as beneficial for all.

As an AP student here at Blue Ridge, I can honestly say that Treat Yo’self days have dramatically helped in the reduction of my school related stress and anxiety. It has become an essential part of my life and is very much so needed to keep me from having to dismiss myself from class to go to guidance due to yet another anxiety attack brought on by the stress of school.

Treat Yo’self can be different for everyone. To some people, it is shopping, going to the spa, or eating loads of food. For others, it is buying a Batman costume to fulfill your lifelong dream of being a rich boss to be reckoned with. But no matter how you Treat Yo’self, it is something that everyone needs. Whether it be a whole Treat Yo’self day or if it just be a moment of breaking from your usual behavior to set yourself free, it has an essential role in keeping us from being completely overwhelmed by the stresses of life.