Photo Credit: TSA

By: T.S.A. /Guest Writer

What is TSA?

T.S.A. was founded in 2019 by three high school seniors, who’s genders and names are to remain anonymous. They are willing to help any students who are seeking advice. T.S.A. is a positive advice column that will openly share their responses on the Raider Reader, while keeping personal information disclosed.

How do you get into contact with TSA?

Simply drop a piece of paper detailed with any advice you are seeking into the box hanging outside of Mrs. Davenport’s classroom. T.S.A. will then write an article replying to you and post it on the Raider Reader. Keep a look out on the Raider Reader Website for your response.

We hope that students will take the chance to reach out and seek advice from T.S.A. We look forward to hearing from you all very soon!




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