The Raider Reader’s New Social Media Outlet!

By: Alexa Stanley/Social Media Director

The Raider Reader has two new additions to its social media!

Follow us on Snapchat @raider_reader and on Instagram @_raiderreader_

The Raider Readers’ Snapchat was created to allow students to contact the staff to let them know what topics they would like to see the Raider Reader discuss. The app will be put to good use since we will be broadcasting events such as theater, sports, and academic events! You can find the QR code hanging on the walls around the school.

On our Instagram page, we will also be posting new articles for you to check out and even some behind-the-scenes pictures of our staff while they are hard at work!

You won’t want to miss out!



Alexa Stanley is a bubbly senior with an aspiration for adventure! She has participated in volleyball, track and cheerleading. She will be furthering her education with a focus on nursing, hoping to achieve her goal of making a difference.