Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The New Office

Photo by/Breanna Derrick The newly renovated Main Office at Blue Ridge inside look.

By: Breanna Derrick/Junior Writer

Most may know that our school has obtained a new office, after watching majority of the construction take place last school year. The work for the office started early last August and ended roughly around this August. Due to some major disturbances by Covid-19 the workers had to leave the school around March for approximately two months, and didn’t return back until June. Even though they finished the office they are still finishing up outside, and the Foreman of the project, Rob Beideman from D+M Construction Unlimited, Mentioned that “this is a great school to work for with very easy going people, including excellent staff members.”

“I enjoyed the project and look forward to more,” he said.

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Ms. Webster on the left Mr. Beideman of the right.
 The breathtaking office has many purposes such as functionality, secure entrances, along with easy access for handicapped. Our School Officer Greg Deck, stated that “it’s amazing for day-to-day business.”

Also, the last time something was done in the office was in the 1980’s so it seems like it was just the right time to update things. The office staff is enjoying the new office very much.  This office was well worth the wait, from the 80’s, which was the last time it was updated, along with the wait over the covid-19 break. Mr. Beideman and his team did a phenomenal job with Blue Ridge High School’s New Main Office, the something good that came out of 2020 after all.

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Breanna Derrick
Breanna Derrick is a first year journalist student at blue ridge high school. She is very artistic, creative, and hard working. Her life goals include being in media, or journalism in any such way. Breanna dream’s  to one day be a huge actress, and to be able to work on a movie set.


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