Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Locker On My Back

By: Kendra Millard/Sophomore Writer

2020 has my back breaking. That’s because students at Blue Ridge have limited time at their lockers now in order to keep that social distancing in order. A few years ago when Blue Ridge would allow students to carry their backpacks, I have to admit, it was a good way to keep track of your stuff, but we didn’t have to take everything with us. Now we are once again permitted to carry our backpacks, but only allowed to go to our lockers at certain periods of the day. That means we pretty much have everything that is usually in our lockers, in our backpacks. I can hardly fit all my stuff in my bag. With all the textbooks, binders, folders, and a Chromebook (that I have to be careful not to break), carrying my bag is a workout.

Going up and down stairs for each class with so much weight on my back, I anticipate having really bad back pain in the future. I still have to figure out what I can leave in my locker, and what I need for the day. For sure, this year is not like any other school year I have experienced. We have to be careful everyday, even when we eat lunch. Truthfully, I now see why some students choose to be fully online, even though I just don’t get how they can do work without any help from the teachers. At least they don’t have to carry so much weight on their backs everyday.

Moving your neck down can already put up to 60 pounds of pressure on your back. Imagine what these bags are doing to us. I think my back is transitioning to a C-shape. I’m going be staring at the floor for the rest of my life. Curious about whether or not my bag was really heavy or just seemed that way, I weighed my bag with all my school stuff in it. To my surprise, my bag weighed 20 pounds! If just moving your neck puts 60 pounds of pressure on your back, imagine what 20 pounds of extra weight does.

Recently, Blue Ridge brought most students back full time. No A or B groups in a standard hybrid format anymore. Everyone in the school at once. That means more social distancing for all of us, and bigger classes. I personally like only going to school two days a week and having the rest of my days online. It gives me time to have fun, and I don’t have to worry about waking up at 6 a.m. everyday. More me time–and nothing on my back that doesn’t belong there.

To me, coming back full time presents challenges–and it means I am carrying that backpack more frequently. I am also afraid everyone is going to get sick, whether it is the Corona Virus, the flu, or just a common cold. All three have the same symptoms, so every time someone gets sick, we aren’t going to know if it’s something to worry about, or not. But, the worst part is…that darn locker on my back.

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Kendra Millard
Kendra Millard is a sophomore and first-year journalist.


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