The Feast of Saint Valentine is Approaching

By: Hayley Kohlhepp/Senior Writer

Although it doesn’t seem to be close, Valentine’s Day is only a short 2 weeks away. Believe it or not, some people find Valentines Day to be symbolic and take it very seriously.  To understand the meaning behind Valentine’s Day, I took a look on for the history of this splendid day and some superstitions.

Love is a Zoo

We all know the dove signifies a love for life, but did you know the simplest of birds also signify specific ideas. If you see a bluebird on Valentine’s Day, look for a happy man nearby.  And don’t overlook the robin in that tree! The robin signifies that you will marry a crime fighter or sailor. Although, not a bird, try to steer clear from squirrels. Squirrels represent that you will marry a cheapskate.  

Forget the Diet

Chocolate arrangements are the best thing to receive because you pick your favorites and throw the rest out! But did you know that chocolates represent romance and power and that those orange filled chocolates symbolize happiness and abundance? Though not great chocolate covered, noodles represent a long life and cabbage symbolizes luck and fortune. So, bite into that fettuccine and don’t skip dessert!

The Colors of Love

Every female’s heart throbs for a big bouquet of roses, but did you know the different colored roses signify different things? Red roses, the most commonly bought flower on Valentine’s Day, signify love and passion while the white rose signifies purity. Pink means elegance and grace. Grab those yellow roses for your true friend and the orange ones for someone who you desire.