Photo by Micah Mullen/Staff Artist

By: Micah Mullen/Staff Artist

Art is everywhere in the world, from billboards on the streets to the designs on notebooks for school. It can be expressed in a lot of ways, especially through tattoos on the skin.

Tattoos have been popular all over the world for a long period of time. They are used as a way to resemble something someone cares about or to simply have something they love printed on their skin. Although there is much controversy on the subject, I personally love tattoos. I believe they are a great way of expressing yourself without using words. They can also be a way to remember someone or something a person may have lost.

Here at Blue Ridge, we have many students and teachers who have gotten unique tattoos, whether it being in remembrance of something, or to simply show their creativity. Take for instance, eleventh grader, Carlton Smith who chose to get a tattoo to represent his Wicca Religion. The tattoo represent four elements; earth, air, fire, and water. He received his tattoo around April of 2018. Eric Lusk, SFX makeup artist, and the owner of Hellstead Manor did has tattoo. The design was created by myself, Micah Mullen, after hearing about his idea do use the four elements.

Smith’s tattoo on his forearm

High School Art teacher, Mrs. Sarah Dibble-Camburn, has a tattoo as well. It is an arrow with lyrics from a song in her mother’s handwriting. It is a matching tattoo with her best friend who lives in Portland, Oregon. Camburn took a trip to Oregon about two years ago in December where they got their tattoos done together. The arrow and lyrics both represent a band they both share a love for.

Camburn’s tattoo on her forearm

Another creative tattoo is from senior Patrick Brennan’s arm. It is the insignia inspired by the game and movie Assassin’s Creed. When asked why he decided on this tattoo, he explained how Assassin’s Creed had a big impact on his life. Brennan got his tattoo when he was 16 in a Great Bend local tattoo shop.

Brennan’s tattoo on his shoulder

Another senior, Annie Bonner, has an even more interesting tattoo. Her tattoo can be used for a medical alert purpose. She has “type one diabetic” written in cursive on her wrist. The design was made when Bonner walked into Sick Boys in April of 2017. The tattoo artist chose the font and decided to put it on her wrist.

Bonner’s tattoo on her wrist

Jordan O’Malley got a couple of wolves “nuzzling” on his shoulder over the summer of 2018. The eleventh grader got his tattoo designed and done by his cousin at their house.

Photo by Micah Mullen/Staff Artist

Alicia Ross has a very meaningful tattoo that connects her and her son, matching a Celtic tattoo that stands for motherhood. Her son and her got it done last year at a place across from Scranton University. The backstory behind it is, “My son had gotten a tattoo for a past friend whom died in a car crash. After a while he wanted another for his mom who has a huge role in his life.” Ross went online looking for symbols of motherhood and happened to find the Celtic symbol which went with her Irish heritage. Since his appointment was going to be close to his birthday, Ross wanted to pay for it for him as a gift. That’s when they both decided why not get it matching. “It’s my most important job in life, a mother.”

Photo by Micah Mullen/Staff Artist


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