Susquehanna County is Now Part of a New Congressional District

From: Philadelphia Magazine

By: Delia Geyer/Content Editor

Not long ago, Susquehanna County was a part of the 10th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. As of last week, our little county is now a part of the 12th District.

This change came about when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided that the Congressional map that was drawn after the 2010 census was unconstitutional. The reason for the map being declared unconstitutional is that it was found to have been a case of an illegal gerrymander, which occurs when a political party draws district lines to favor the re-election of members of their own party. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court found that the Congressional map favored the Republican Party. The change is to make the districts fairer in order to give all voters equal representation. The map, however, will be able to be re-drawn after the census that will occur in 2020.

So what does this mean for us?

The change is quite drastic. While some may not notice the change, it will definitely be seen by voters in the county. For Susquehanna County, our Congressman was Tom Marino. He had been our representative for eight years. Since Susquehanna County is now in the 12th district, our representative is Keith Rothfus.

Pictured Below is the Congressional Map before and after it was redrawn.

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